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Couch Guitar Straps Australia

Couch Guitar Straps

Couch Guitar Straps Australia

Stylish, Extra Durable, Cruelty-Free And Hand Made In The USA.

Maniac Music Factory are the official exclusive distributors for Couch Guitar Straps Australia.

To order within Australia and find a retail outlet Please contact us

Maniac Music Factory are offering and distributing Couch Guitar Straps Australia exclusively, drum stick bags, camera straps and wallets to customers exclusively in Australia. At Maniac, we aim to offer our customers cool, unique products that will set you apart from the generics on the market. We have achieved this through our exclusive partnership with Couch Guitar Straps.

Couch is all about getting a guitar strap that looks good AND is well made. Couch got into making guitar straps from old car seat belts because no one was doing it and they really wanted a decent guitar strap. The guys at Couch had to move out of their Long Beach apartment and sleep on their friend’s couch for a while to get the money saved to buy a sewing machine to get this thing going. They have killer racing stripe straps and lots of new guitar straps made of vintage, deadstock and recycled materials that blow away what most big box corporate strap makers provide for the same price.

Look, most guitar straps are either really bad or really overpriced. On top of that, hardly anyone is making them vegan and sweatshop free in The United States. Why can’t someone else just make a guitar strap that isn’t either completely generic like the music store ones or looks pretty good but cheaply made and overpriced like the fashion strap companies?

When it comes to Couch straps being vegan, it’s not that they’re are freaks or anything, it’s just that when it came to making guitar straps, they were not into purchasing the actual hides of leather and then stamping the tabs out of asymmetric sides of beef before sewing them on their straps.

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Maniac Music Factory are exclusively importing a range of Couch products into Australia. To find out where you can buy them, Please contact us