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Guitar Grip Wall Hangers


Guitar Grip Wall Hangers.

Elevate Your Axe.


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Guitar Grip Wall Hangers have been making their hand made Guitar Grips in Detroit USA since 2007. A family business that is dedicated to producing top quality products. Maniac Music Factory are proud to be Grip Studio’s distribution partner for the Guitar Grip in the Australian and New Zealand market.

These unique guitar wall  hangers that are strong and durable are easily able to support the weight of your precious guitar. The grips have protective inserts to help keep the guitar in position. Each grip comes in a box including instructions on how to mount it on the wall and a bolt for fixing it to the wall.

We believe these are the coolest wall hangers on the market and that’s why we are bringing them to Australia and New Zealand. There are lots of different colours and styles to choose from across the GS-1 , Axcent, antique & FX series.


Classic Grip  – these are available in six high gloss metallic finishes. Fitted with a protective insert to keep the neck and headstock safe. The grip will fit guitars, bass guitars as well as a variety of other stringed instruments. We created the first hand shaped guitar hanger over 11 years ago. This dependable design is where it all began, the flagship of Guitar Grip ingenuity. Available in both metallic and antique finishes. Be sure to check our Size Chart to confirm which Grip best fits your instrument.


Ghastly Grips – These horrific hands are just what the mad doctor ordered to complement your metal lair. Live dangerously with these wild designs, hand crafted with incredible detail to accent any guitar or bass. Rise from the grave with the Toxic Zombie, or take a long ride with the Grip Reaper, either will add a thrill to your favorite axe. Be sure to keep one eye open as other classic monstrosities are in the works…


Valkyrie – Sleek, stylish, statuesque, SHE has arrived. Introduce your guitar to the world in the loving embrace of this timeless feminine figure. These wall mounted hangers are a streamlined, softer design that may visually appeal to thinner necks, unique stringed instruments, or any situation that calls for a woman’s touch. With this line, we salute the countless women of rock who have helped shape the landscape of music as we know and love it.

Choose from four high gloss metallic finishes- black, purple, placid blue, and cherry. (These feature the same paint process as the male hand standard colors.)

Antique series –  Finished Guitar Grip is the same physical form as our Classic Male Grip but we put extra T.L.C. into the appearance with a custom three-step finishing process. They are initially covered with a real metal coating of pewter, copper or brass. When dry, they are glazed with an antique veneer coat for added complexity before finishing with a top coat clear matte for protection and durability.

FX series – these have customised graphic finishes which look bold and unique. Hand painted so no two are identical. Bold aggressive colours that will make a showcase of the instrument in any room.

These wall mounted guitar hangers set your instrument up visually, creating an old-time effect that will keep you dreaming and playing.

Maniac Music Factory are exclusively importing a range of Guitar Grip products into Australia. To find out where you can buy them, Please contact us

Find out more about Guitar Grip at www.guitargrip.com