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Maniac Music Factory is very proud to be representing and distributing Mindflood Ltd. and Patchblocks products exclusively in Australia.

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Story of Patchblocks
Mindflood Ltd., which is the company behind all Patchblocks products, was founded back in 2013.

In the very beginning we’ve developed Patchblocks, small, inexpensive, programmable synthesiser modules that are easy to program with our visual programming editor. Patchblocks are used by musicians, hobbyists and educators to teach music, maths and sound synthesis. Programming for young people and DIY computer kits like the RaspberryPi have become very popular in recent years. We offer products that make programming accessible, collaborative, educational and exciting by using sound instead of a computer screen. The product has gained a lot of popularity through a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2013, which raised over £67.000 within one month. It became available from June 2014 and since then we’ve build up a large distribution and retain network all over the globe. Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Portsmouth use them as part of their curriculum. In November 2014 Mindflood has launched another crowdfunding round via crowdcube.com , which also went pretty successful with an equity funding of £175.000 within 4 weeks.


Sebastian Heinz, CEO / CTO

Sebastian developed the Patchblocks concept, hardware and software during his PhD research at Queen’s University Belfast and founded the company Mindflood LTD in 2012. He studied Multimedia Arts at the SAE college, first in Stuttgart Germany and then graduated in Byron Bay Australia. After 2 years of working as a developer of cross-media and database publishing applications back in Germany, Sebastian decided to go back to University and obtained a Masters degree in Design for Interactive Media with distinction from Middlesex University London. During his Masters and onwards his work focused on the development of new interaction paradigms for electronic music production. His current responsibilities include the development of software and hardware as well as directing the company.

Sascha Götz, COO

Sascha is an old high-school friend of Sebastian from Germany and both always wanted to start a company together. Sascha studied Industrial Engineering at FH Ulm where he graduated as Diplom-Ing with focus on process optimisation. He worked as Product Manager and Project Leader for car2go and Daimler Mobility Services coordinating the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management system, managing the insurance and call center activities and being part of the Global Operations department. His current responsibilities include the production, marketing and distribution of Patchblocks.

Non-exectuve board members

Dr. Sandy McKinnon (Pentech Ventures)

Sandy has over 20 years experience in commercialising technology innovations, the last 10 of these as a partner with Pentech. Sandy had a Research Fellowship at Cambridge University, working for 6 years in Nanotechnology with many of the pioneers in the field – his Ph.D. is for work on Amorphous Semiconductors and he has a B.Sc.(first) in Physics from the University of Dundee.

James Motley (Solid State Logic)

James is Senior Vice President, International Sales at Solid State Logic and responsible for sales of all SSL Console and Workstation Partner Products into the northern EMEA territories. He graduated in 1997 from the University of Manchester with specialising in Supply Chain Management.