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Temple Audio Pedal boards accessories Australia

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Temple Audio Pedal boards accessories Australia

From Artist to Artist.

Maniac Music Factory is very proud to be representing and distributing Temple Audio Pedal boards and accessories exclusively in Australia. To find out where you can buy them, Please contact us

Visit www.templeaudio.com

Our Story


In 2009, Ryan Dyck was asked to build a guitar effects pedalboard with some features that could not be found in the current market. While abroad with limited resources, the first Templeboard was created. Realizing the potential of it’s unique design, Ryan soon focused on producing and developing Temple Audio’s products full-time. The business now employs several people from the community and Temple Audio produces and ships thousands of products all around the world.

Temple Audio’s mandate is “From Artist to Artist”. We are musicians first. We strive to create a product experience that lives up to our own expectations. Temple provides solutions which allow the artist to focus on their music. We are always brainstorming solutions to make the artist’s tools into a seamless extension of their own creativity.

Temple Audio Design products are proudly manufactured in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Temple Audio have reinvented, redesigned and revolutionized the guitar effects pedal board. Temple have 3 series of boards:

The SOLO Series – Designed for a single row of pedals

The DUO Series  – Designed for a double row of pedals

The TRIO Series – Designed for a triple row of pedals

Temple audio offer 3 colour types Available in : Temple Red – Vintage White – Gunmetal

With Temple’s Quick Release Pedal Mounting System™ you can change out your pedals on the fly. No more messy Velcro®, zip ties, or drilling holes to keep your pedals in one spot. #saynotovelcro

Temple Audio Pedal boards accessories Australia also offers a very innovative Temple Modular End Panel System™ which allows you to add and customize your pedal board by creating a modular rack style interface, all your connectivity is now fully interchangeable. The Mini and Micro modules are fully interchangeable with one another and can be installed in either side of your board Available on all SOLO, DUO, & TRIO Pedalboards.

These modules include USB module, Sum Mod Module, BUFR module, 4 way Jack Module and the super reliable Midi Module.

Decide Now or Decide Later. All modules are fully interchangeable with one another and the great thing is you don’t need to be a professional to install them.

Not sure what size Temple Audio Board is best for you?

Check out the Temple audio Pedal board Planner here www.templeplanner.com