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Industry Connections

Kayte is an executive director of Maniac Music Factory, Managing Director of Voice Lawyers (www.voicelawyers.com) & has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.
Her own background as an actor / director and then talent agent led her to the law, working as an entertainment intellectual property lawyer and branching out to employment and family law.
Voice Lawyers was a good fit. Kayte is passionate about giving people a voice. She still works with performers and professional presenters and executives to improve their vocal performance and communication skills and through advocacy at Voice Lawyers she works with private and commercial clients promoting effective dispute resolution through better communication, negotiation and mediation before litigation.
Kayte and her team at Voice Lawyers can help with drafting, reviewing or negotiating agreements – typically for the music and entertainment industry this includes publishing, management, distribution and producer agreements as well as synchronisation and master licenses, co-writer agreements, band partnership agreements, endorsement deals and dispute settlement deeds, licensing, IP and brand protection, employment law or contract negotiation.

You can contact Kayte for help and advice directly [email protected]

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